Beginning November 15, 2004 U.S. Customs and Border Protection (link to Customs web site) required that all information on In-Bond (CF7512) shipments be submitted electronically one hour prior to the border crossing.

Managed Services at General Motors
In the process of designing an In-Bond processing system for our client, General Motors Corporation (link to General Motors logistics site), we found that we were able to significantly reduce the wait time for drivers at the Border. The GCS QP In-Bond system is uniquely different from most other service providers in that we not only initiate the In-Bond but we also track the shipment for arrival, exportation and closure at the destination port.

Problems Defined - During systems analysis and interviews at GM’s trading partners, GCS found the following areas that needed to be improved: 

  • Manual In-Bond entry with CBP 
  •  Amendments delivered next day 
  • Communication channels not direct e.g. driver to bond processor 
  • Unnecessary wait time at border crossings 
  • Insufficient tracking of In-Bond shipments  
  • Deficient In-Bond arrival and closure 
  • Costs of bonds 
  • CBP bond penalty exposure

Solution - The GCS managed service delivers the following functionality electronically:

  • Preparation of the following three types of In-Bonds for delivery to the CBP automated application process (QP/WP) via the Automated Broker Interface (ABI): Type 61 (Immediate Transportation);Type 62 (Transport and Export);Type 63 (Immediate Export) 

  • Tracking of electronic In-Bonds for arrival  and closure at destination port 
  •  24/7 Support Staff to support real-time supply chain requirements


BenefitsGCS solves the problems inherent in a complex process by allowing direct communication between the client, the bonded carrier, the truck driver, the CBP border personnel and the bond preparer.  

  • Savings – Create the correct number of bonds required per shipment.
  • Timely border crossings – As the driver makes the pickups, the bills of lading are faxed to GCS for input into the system so that the bonds are on the CBP system when the driver reaches the border.  The savings could be as much as two (2) hrs. per border crossing. 
  • Amendments or changes – Process any amendments on an "as needed basis". 
  •  Tracking – Goods are tracked in transit and status is reported to client. Goods are then arrived,  exported and closed  per CBP requirements.  This feature is important for border security .
  • Border problems –  In the rare event a carrier experiences a problem  at the border, GCS will intercede with CBP personnel  on a 24 x 7 hour basis and will work directly with CBP Headquarters for a resolution, if necessary. 
  • Reduce or eliminate fines (e.g. $25,000 to $50,000) for failure to report properly to CBP requirements. 

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