Our team of specialists has developed a level of expertise  in providing cross-border service solutions on a number of worldwide trade requirements on a bilingual basis if necessary.

eCustoms/eManifest Services  - Support team motivates and assists client's logistics partners in becoming FAST certified. We promote FAST submissions, trading partner training on hardware and software tools, input and receipt of CBP manifest-related information , and tracking of FAST border crossings by truck carrier to ensure CBP compliance.

CBP Electronic In-Bond Processing Service -  Our Managed Service provides real-time In-Bond electronic filing of the CF 7512 via the CBP QP application. We initiate the electronic 7512 and track the shipment on a 24 by 7 basis to issue the arrival and export. More details under "In-Bond".

Trading Partner EDI Message Support Service -  Our EDI Message Support service provides real-time delivery of supplier Advanced Shipping Notices (ASN's) to meet the CBP Manifest border crossing immediate release requirements.

Material Flow in Automotive Supply Chain ProgramThe goal of this program is to strengthen offshore supply chains by reducing the use of paper documents and enhancing the electronic flow of information.  Concurrent with this goal, the program will improve compliance, enhance security, advance supply chain visibility and provide overall compression of the supply chain.

Connectivity and Transactional Support Service - As "gate-keepers" to the trading community, GCS manages the system interfaces and provides EDI support for all CBP's automated systems (Cargo, Passenger, Border and Targeting). Our services include infrastructure and application design, software implementation, software support and monitoring. Connectivity is achieved through the use of IBM's Websphere MQ; monitoring is achieved through the use of IBM Tivoli Omegamon; and application connectivity and transactional support are achieved through IBM Websphere Business Integration Message Broker, Websphere Application Server, Websphere Data Interchange and CICS.